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yoga therapy with aura

who is aura?

Aura Fechter is a Certified Athletic Trainer (A.T.C.), Senior Level Symmetry Yoga Instructor, and Orthopaedic Yoga Therapist.  She designs personalized rehabilitation programs combining yoga and therapeutic exercise, applying underlying principles of bio-mechanics and alignment.

For anyone suffering from chronic pain or injury; the first thing to know about therapeutic yoga, ls that no yoga experience is required.  The customized programs at Radiance Yoga begin with a one on one consultation with the studio owner, Aura Fechter.  It includes a physical assessment, an evaluation of lifestyle habits, in studio yoga/therapeutic exercise, and follow up exercises to do at home.

These sessions are designed to empower clients by helping them understand the nature of their injury, which lifestyle habits and movements increase the likelihood of discomfort, and those that will relieve it.



We have an experienced staff, many of whom have an extensive background in biomechanics, orthopedics, and yoga therapy.

who we are

Family Owned & Operated

Radiance Yoga was founded by Leo Finegold in 1975 as one of the first yoga studios in San Diego. It continues to be family owned and operated by Aura Fechter in Mission Hills.

why yoga therapy?

Most clients feel some relief after their first session and certainly, have a better understanding of what’s going on with their bodies. Learning how to prevent future injury, is just as important as addressing one’s current condition.  Aura graduated from SDSU in 1980 with a degree in Sports Medicine as well as a two year clinical internship in Athletic Medicine and has since, helped thousands with her customized therapeutic yoga programs.

Radiance Yoga and Therapeutic Exercise Center is one of the leading  yoga studios in San Diego County.  It was established in 1975, and is located in the charming and historic community of Mission Hills.  We have an experienced and dedicated staff, many of whom have an extensive background in biomechanics, orthopedics, and yoga therapy.  Aura Fechter is the owner and director of Radiance. Yoga.